Google is now actively Penalising websites not secured by SSL security certificates – is your site one of them?

Starting with the release of Chrome 62 in late October, Google will mark any website with an insecure form “Not Secure.”

If you haven’t added SSL to your website, you may want to—an important deadline is coming up. Starting in October with the release of Chrome 62, Google will be marking any website with an insecure form “Not Secure.” This isn’t just a warning for pages with an insecure login/password field, now it’s any field—anywhere a user can input information.

The warning for an insecure password field.

This is keeping with Google’s push for universal encryption. The company has continued to ramp up pressure for websites to add SSL. And Google doesn’t plan to stop at just warning Chrome users about insecure forms, either. Google plans to roll out a warning for all HTTP websites sometime in 2018.

So heed this warning, if your website is anything more than a blog or a personal website, you need to encrypt. Whether you’re just collecting an email address as part of a capture strategy or you’ve got a signup form somewhere, you’ll be sorry if you don’t secure it before Chrome 62 drops in October.

“Not Secure” warnings kill conversions

Nothing is going to kill your conversion rate faster than Google placing a “Not Secure” warning in your address bar or drop an interstitial warning when a customer attempts to type in one of your website’s fields.

And it’s not just Google, the other browsers are also adopting similar policies with regard to encryption and insecure websites.

Think about it, people tend to trust their browsers. When one of them tells a user that he or she is not safe on a website, the vast majority of people are going to leave. Nobody is sitting at their computer saying, “this seems like a worthwhile risk to take.”

So remember, if your website has any forms on it—install SSL. Waiting until Google flags your website is playing with fire. It’s time to add SSL.

Annual pricing for a secure SSL certificate starts at just $55 and Hostcake can take all the hassle out of purchasing, installing and testing your SSL certificate with our Installation Service for just $99.

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Hostcake Server Migration: How to Check Your Domain Name Hosting and Update if needed to point to our new Website Hosting in Sydney


How to Check Your Domain Name Hosting and Update if needed to point to our new Website Hosting in Sydney


If your internet domain name (the name typed after the ‘www’ for your website) is NOT administered by Hostcake then when we move our Hosting environment from USA to Sydney on March 31st you will need to EITHER

update your Domain Hosting yourself so it points to the new Server                     OR

transfer your domain management to Hostcake so we can manage this for you leaving nothing at all for you to do!

To check if your domain name is ALREADY being administered by Hostcake all you need to do is a “Whois” Whois Lookup

Scroll DOWN the Whois page and enter your domain name (without the www bit). Enter the “Captcha” password and your Domain Details will be listed.

If the “Registrar Name” is listed as TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd then your domain name is ALREADY being administered by Hostcake which means you can sit back and relax!

If your “Registrar Name” is anything else however then you will need to decide how to update your Domain Hosting so it points to the new website location after March 31st.


Option A – Transfer Your Domain Management to Hostcake

The simplest and easiest option is to let us look after things for you and transfer your domain administration to Hostcake. To do that simply email and supply us with:


  1. Your domain name (s).
  2. Your “Domain Password”. You can obtain your Domain Password by logging into your current Domain Host Provider’s Control Panel. An alternative and easier way to obtain your Domain Password if your domain ends in is to request your Domain Password to be supplied to you via email. Just click HERE to recover your domain password to obtain your Domain Password. If that link does not work go to this website address:
  3. Your current domain host Control Panel logon details. (the username and password) – (these are helpful as some domains are “locked” and we can not transfer them without firstly unlocking them)
  4. Your best telephone contact number and email address

Once we receive your details we will lodge a “Transfer Request” which will send an email to the email address registered with your Domain Name. You need to approve the Transfer Request and then typically within one or two days your Domain Name will migrate to our Administration System.



Option B – update your DNS records by yourself


Your domain host will provide your account details and their contact details on the annual invoice they send you for your Domain Name Registration. Contact them and tell them that at 6 PM on March 31st you need your “A Records” updated to the following:


www                                                   to point to      to point to

(where “” will be your own internet domain name for your website)

Some domain hosts are happy to do this for you however many don’t offer such a service and expect you to do this on your own. You can of course take up Option A (above) and let us handle this for you instead.


Any questions?

Please email Hostcake at