For customers who like to know the “geek speak” about our Web Hosting, here it is!

“The DataCentre”

Equinix SY3
Equinix’s Sydney data centre SY3 is strategically located in Alexandria,
1.6 kilometres from SY1 & SY2, and about 4.5 kilometres from the Central Business District. Equinix SY3 has passed an external audit for ISO27001:2005 which is the highest global standard in information security. We have a secured private suite, only our Server Administraotrs have access to these racks. The suite is secured by a biometric scanner and our suite is actively monitored internally for camera motion, door status (open/closed) as well as temperature and humidity.

“The Server”

HostCake has our own FULLY MANAGED and DEDICATED Server devoted ENTIRELY to serving the websites of our customers.

The Server is a 2017 Model boasting Dual Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3 Quad Core 64 Bit Processors, CentOS Version 7 Linux, 32MB System Memory, Dual 240 GB Super Fast Solid State Hard Drives mirrored for redundancy. The result is lightening fast load times for your websites.

“The Software”

Our Server operates the latest stable Linux Operating System release 7.0. We operate the latest stable Cpanel releases.

“Server Security”

Our Server runs off “Cloud Linux” to maximise website protection and prevent an errant website from affecting the performance of the other sites on the Server. We utilise the industry leading CSX anti-exploit scanner software and the CFS Firewall application.


We run a full industry standard backup regime – Nightly backups are stored for up to 6 months. We use the “R1soft” backup tool to perform snapshot backups nightly. In addition we also operate a second nightly “CPanel backup” directly to secure offsite storage as an additional layer of protection for your websites.


We employ proactive techniques to ensure we are always aware of the status of the Server and, more importantly, your websites. We utilise TWO external monitoring services (“StatusCake” and “NodePING”) to check every TEN minutes that your websites are working correctly.  We also employ “Google Webmaster Tools” to regularly check customer websites for outdated components, malware infections and other defects. The Server itself is continuously monitored by the DataCentre provider and we also use the “Cpanel Service Monitor” to ensure Core System Services are operational.