common questions and currently known bugs/issues with installing your Microsoft Office 365 software

After installing Office 2016 software you double-click an Excel or Word file and it shows blank content with a grey screen

You have installed Office 2016. You double click an Excel or Word file and Excel or Word opens but just shows a blank grey screen. If you open the file with Excel or Word ALREADY OPEN it works fine.

The quick fix to this ‘file association’ problem is to perform the Office 365 “Quick Repair”


  1. Close all running Microsoft Office programs
  2. Go to your Windows Control Panel (for Windows 7 and earlier click Start then Control Panel. For Windows 8 on the home screen type Control Panel. For Windows 10 right click Start then open Control Panel. )
  3. Go to the Programs and Features menu
  4. Locate Office 365 Business in the list
  5. Right click it and choose “Change”
  6. Choose the Quick Repair option
  7. It takes 5 or 10 minutes to complete and should fix the blank file issue