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Resources & FAQs

Do you stock all the major brands?

All major brands can be supplied. Our wholesale supplier is the largest printer consumable distributor in Australia.

How fast is delivery?

With multiple courier pickups daily our customers typically receive their orders the next business day, sometimes the same day!

How do I order?

Please fill out our simple order form here and we will get in touch quickly to progress your order.

Why should I use generic (aka compatible) cartridges?

In a word, to save money! Typically the generic / compatible toners are between 40-70% cheaper than the brand name toners. With the same (or better) page count per toner you are getting much better value.

Will generic toners work in all printers?

They will, however some printer manufacturers try and frustrate their customers from purchasing non-branded toners by secretly updating the printer software (known as ‘firmware’) to block generic toners. This underhanded practice can be overcome by preventing the printer from updating the firmware (Hostcake can do this remotely and quickly for you)

Will generic cartridges void my warranty?

In Australia it is illegal under the Trade Practices Act for a printer manufacturer to require a consumer to use a particular brand of ink or cartridge. The brand of ink cartridges, ink or paper you purchase is your decision. The fact is however that legally a company cannot refuse to honour a printer warranty for this reason alone. The wholesale supplier that Hostcake sources toners from guarantees cartridges to be free from defect in material and workmanship.

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